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Computers Browsers And Plugins

Everything on RecruitPack is accessible by all but the oldest PCs and Macs.  Supported minimum web browsers on PC are Internet Explorer (9+), Firefox (50+), Opera (9+) and Google Chrome.

Mac users will need OSX with Mozilla Firefox (50+), Safari 11+ or Google Chrome recommended.

Javascript must be enabled (see http://www.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=23852) and "session cookies" (transient cookies used only to store information that are automatically deleted by your system after closing your browser) must be enabled.

If you have a proprietary firewall product running on your computer, you may need to make us a trusted/whitelisted site.  See the manufacturer's instructions for details of how to do this.

Making An Application

RecruitPack aims to make applying for a job as quick and easy as possible.  Please take care to be accurate and complete… a few moments care will ensure that your time is well spent.

Please be sure to enter your email address accurately.  We need a phone number for you as well, just in case.

If your Resume is required and ready, you can upload it (make sure it's of a permitted file type and less than 0.5 Megabytes in size, please)

If you choose to type in your Resume, simple formatting is available along with a quick preview of what you've already typed.  Just click the "Format Help and Preview" link.

St Peter's College may require that some simple questions be answered as a part of your Application.  You'll find them at the bottom of the Application form.

Once you've completed the form, click once on the "Submit Application" button to send it in.

You will see a success screen and RecruitPack will send you an acknowledgment email

St Peter's College may also require other forms to be completed along with the Application form.  The commonest of these is the RecruitPack Checklist.  It's very simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.  Please ensure you do complete it… if St Peter's College require it, your Application may not be progressed until you do.

If you don't have time to complete the Checklist when you're applying, simply follow the link in the email we'll send you as soon as possible afterwards.

File Upload

We accept files of types: doc, docx, htm, html, mdi, pub, pdf, wps, txt which covers just about everyone.  If you have been asked for a photograph we also acccept file types gif, jpg, tif, tiff, png, psd.  We'll tell you if the file type you're uploading is not allowed.

The file size of your Resume or photo file must not exceed 0.5 Megabytes.  You can ascertain this in advance from your file's properties.  So please ensure that your file is less than 0.5 Megabytes in size.  This is ample even for resumes containing photos.

We cannot always tell you accurately in advance if your file is too big.  We can only ascertain this after it's been temporarily uploaded.  If your file exceeds 0.5 Megabytes it will cause your Application to fail, sorry.

Your application will fail if your resume is too big!  If your resume file is bigger than 0.5 Megabytes, try compressing any pictures in it, they are usually the culprit.  In MS Word you right click the picture, select Format Picture -> Picture -> Compress (use compress for screen).

Additionally, Microsoft Office allows you to "print" your document to a file in .mdi format that typically further reduces the file size by more than 60%.

Mac computers have built-in print-to-pdf capability too.

Resume Apple Mobile

Apple devices are now able to attach files stored in the "Files" folder in iCloud.

If the employer requires a resume then either use a resume stored in iCloud Files, cut-and-paste the text into the text box on the application form, link to another file online (e.g. in DropBox) or complete your application on mobile without uploading a resume and upload your resume from a computer later.

Application Difficulty

If you are experiencing technical difficulty in completing the Application process, this is almost certainly due to factors local to your computer or network.

Application difficulties (e.g. error messages, application hangs etc) are almost always due to Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) settings or to a firewall on your computer or network.

Try opening an Incognito or Private browser window (see for example https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95464?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en)

Then please re-try your application

If you still have difficulty in submitting your application, this will be a local firewall or network issue that we are unable to assist with, sorry.  Please contact your network administrator or IT department to have them trust [whitelist] or offer other assistance.

Upload Video

it's always best to use our in-built video recorder / uploader because we detect your connection speed and compress the video to best suit your connection.

To record your video later on your computer, smart phone or other mobile device, first complete the remainder of your Application and submit it.

Then look for the email we will send you with a link to complete your video.

Follow the link in that email using your computer, smart phone or other mobile device and record your video using our in-built recorder/uploader.  We will match your video to your application… easy!

Please DO NOT record the video on your mobile first!  We do not recommend this as upload times can be extreme and we are unable to assist if you chose this method.  When you record directly using our in-built systems, we compress your video to match your connection speed.

In order to be able to record and upload your Video Response, the minimum configuration requirements are:

Desktop (Mac or PC)

Chrome (Version 49 or above)

Firefox (Version 40 or above)

Safari (Version 10 or above)

Internet Explorer IE (Version 10 or above)

Mobile Devices:

iOS (Version 6 or above)

Android (Version 2.3 or above)

If you continue to experience difficulty, please use an alternate device which meets the minimum requirements.

It is always best to record your video directly using our systems, which use state-of-the-art compression suited to your device and connection. Recording a video yourself results in a video file that will be huge and take forever to upload.

Did you know that it's possible to switch from a desktop computer to record your video on a Mobile Device. Simply choose the 'Record from Phone' option on your computer to receive a text message with a link to continue on your mobile device.

Application Follow Up

RecruitPack is not a recruiter.  Our customers are the recruiters.

So, we are sorry, we cannot advise about the progress of any Application…we just don't know

Most of our customers do send an acknowledgment email as soon as you apply but you may only hear from them again if you are successful.  We are very sorry if you hear nothing further but we are totally unable to help you in this regard.

Login Email Address

Returning Appicants do not need to Log In

Only our employer customers need to log in

Applicants never need to login… simply start another application and we will recognise you.

We'll streamline your second and subsequent applications by prefilling everything we can.

You'll be able to upload a diffrerent resume or change things as you go to suit.

Login Unsuccessful

Only our employer customers need a login

Applicants never need to login

When making a repeat application, applicants are automagically recognised as they apply.

Our employer customers can login here using their Registered Email Address and a password.  Please type your Email Address in the box on the login page.

This should be the email address notified to you by the person who created your login.  It will be in a confirmatory email that should have been sent to you when they created a login for you.

If you know your Registered Email Address, we can reset your Password for you.  Please enter the Email Address in the box and then click the "Forgot Your Password" link below the login button.

If you are an Applicant for a Job or seeking to express interest in a Position or have been directed here to complete the Checklist Checklist then a login is not required.  If that is your purpose here, we are sorry… you are in the wrong place.  So please close the login window and then use the exact link that was provided to you.  You should then be taken to a page that will display the Job that you are seeking.

Still stuck?… contact us via our HelpDesk

If the above did not help you solve your difficulty, please email us for help…