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We regret that we are unable to advise about the progress of any Application.  We simply don't have that information. 

Most of our customers send an acknowledgment email as soon as you apply but you may only hear from them again if you are successful.

We are very sorry if you hear nothing further.  Please contact the employer via the contact details on their website http://stpeters.sa.edu.au.

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Please remember that many hundreds of customers and thousands of Applicants are constantly and successfully using the St Peter's College RecruitPack website and errors are fewer than 1 in 100,000.

We monitor every single RecruitPack site constantly and will be aware of anything that might need attention within seconds.

95% of times, the answer you are seeking is already on our Help Pages.

Most requests for help we receive are as a result of web browser (e.g. Intenet Explorer) or personal firewall security settings (or those of the network you are on).

So, especially if you cannot submit the Job Application form, please re-check... https://stpeters.recruitpack.com/help/#applicationDifficulty

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